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Knowledge for the preparation of 12 volts DC home electrical system.

Unit of measure volts, amps, watts.
For development the 12 voltage DC power or electricity form the solar panels for dometic electrical system, we must to know any value type for measurement of electricity. Which we are familiar ear to have units of volts, watts and amps.
The volt is a measure voltage or potential difference electronic such as 1.5 volt, 4-volt, 12-volt or 220-volt, etc. The electric high volt flow to low volt always. 
Watt is a unit of electrical power to the appliance itself. Generally used to compare to the rush hours. The 750-watt pump means pumps that use 750 watts of electricity per hour and so on.
The amp is the amount of electrical power through checks written during that period. The amp is a unit watts divided by units of the electric potential or volts (amps = watts / volts). Electric appliances for DC 12 volt species often told as the action with amp value in the manual, such as pumps DC 120 watts while idling will consume electricity at 10 amps on the electrical system to 12 volts, but it uses the electric 5 amps when used with power 24 volts etc.  
For units of electricity in the above. We can use a multimeter to measure the electrical potential difference or volts. The amplifier unit is typically measured no more than 10 amps, if this exceeds the multimeter will burn. If not, do not use a multimeter to measure the amp for 12 volt DC power. The watt, multimeters generally can not be measured, using the calculation.
Direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) systems.

In fact, the daily life of people in modern times. Relating to electricity at all times only by the most. That is not DC Or AC knowledge is power, but knowledge electricity only.

-Direct Currency: DC. 
Everyday people is closely related to DC unavoidable. For example, appliances almost everyone is carrying mobile phone. This is an example of using DC power, flashlights are examples of using DC power. Or even car stereo so it must be cooled.  
Before understanding of electricity. Generally, we must first know the second terminal is the anode and cathode, and in general, current will flow from the anode to the cathode, always. For the DC power is most easily understood as the current flowing in the same direction all the time. The flow from the anode to the cathode. The potential difference is maintained at all times in the next graph.
DC power source that we found generally including batteries, car batteries, solar panels. And DC generators, etc.
Using a DC-based rule is categorically prohibited to do alternating polarity means we must know that it is positive line (anode), or negative line (cathode) at electrical cable terminals. If it is a wiring short. It is so-so from a voltage source that is connected to power lines on the terminal of the generator. If the wiring distance. Need to use the multimeter to check volt at the cable terminals to the power connector at all times.  
Wiring system used for DC power. Generally there are two lines, the electric pole (+) and negative cables (-). If the cable wire is, red/black. Red wire to the positive terminal to power lines or anode.(+) The black wires of the nagative line or cathode (-). 
But if the power lines as other colors. The black or dark the cables to the positive terminal or anote (+) and non-black lines Pale or white lines as the power lines of the cathode (-).
-Alternating Current: AC. 
AC power is electricity used by household. Mean power to the grid of electricity. The main characteristics of AC is alternating current to the electrodes in the back and forth all the time. If you look at the graph of AC power to look into the wave.

Wiring for AC Is different from the power lines of DC is to consist of wires (L), the neutral (N) and ground (G) power lines that we see in the grid will be two groups of wires and neutral. The cables that make up the ground to prevent a short circuit inside the dwellings.

Be noted that the electrical wiring of AC power cord does not separate the anode and cathode wires like DC . Thus, it is not necessary to measure the positive electrode , negative in AC. Instead, use the line for me is that the power cord what is a Line/neutral. Tampering with the check to hijack the plug into the hole. If the power of the band tampering with electrical wires that light up, check to check is the power cord, but it always indicates the point at stoke is a neutral check.

For the color of the AC power cord for the industry standard of Thailand are split into 3 groups.
  1. Bulk electrical wires black, brown or dark to use for wiring (L). 
  2. Bulk cables, light gray or light blue over dark blue line used for nuetral (N). 
  3. Bulk cables, green , yellow . It provides for grounding (G).
-Colors of cables for electricity from solar panels or 12 volt DC system.
Cable Check out the solar panels that are sold in our country is quite diverse as black wired wiring terminals positive and negative wires. Or use black wire for wiring positive terminals and the white wire to the negative wire. 
So in choosing cables to be made into a 12 volt DC system, although there is no standard set. But when a real system It must determine how to choose the same as a standard. In the case of the author to determine the criteria for the selection of cables for a 12 volt DC system as follows.
1. If you can find a red wire black wire. It can be quite difficult, especially in rural areas. Red lines are used for the anode wires (+), black wires is a wire cathode (-).
2. In the case of the black line and the black color is used for the anode wires. And wires lighter than a wire cathode.
3. In case they are all the same color wires. I use black electrical tape billion at the end of the power cable to the negative terminal.

To determine how to choose the color of the power lines above. Because it prevents forgetfulness However, every time there is a power line in a 12-volt DC system, we must use the multimeter check anode / cathode end of the line every time. Switch to prevent power line terminals together. Important Do not use a guess or conjecture. 
-High volts, low volts. 
One thing to mention is that of high volts / low volts. Because in the adoption of solar panels connected in series make up the high volt DC mainly to the panel. Come forward to get a potential of 220 volts to reduce power loss due to conversion of DC power to AC power.
What is erroneous is a high-volt DC power harmless. But in fact the hight volt DC there is a danger of electric shock due to power no different to normal general home use. So if you want a hight volt DC would require very careful. But for low volt electricity is not very dangerous. Just be careful not to call the anode and the negative shock. This will cause sparks if in the vicinity of a chemical fuel can cause fire or burns.

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