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Connect solar panel with a diode.

For the connection of electricity from solar panels to the control charge device. Power cables from the solar panel to control charger and cable connect from control charge to the battery is not very complicated. As the device is charging control terminal marked with the symbol is very clear. Only the power cord correctly.
But for the diode to the solar panel, be it any kind. Must be selected to the anode wires coming from a solar panel only. In the diode it provides the base of the diode, or the positive leg of the diode for a diode bridge connected to the power lines coming from the panels. On the other end of the diode or negative of a diode bridge be connected to the wires connected to the anode of the battery. And negative lines coming from the panels be connected to the negative terminal or cathode of the battery in the next scenario.
For the selection of diodes used. Should choose diodes for high amps is the core diodes for low amps. Time to make the diode burns bright sunlight.
In addition to the two devices mentioned above. In the 12-volt DC system for the electrical system in the house. Also electrical and electronic are many things that we could be applied to the electricity form solar panel. Which I will have brought the story to offer in the future.

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